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Last weekend we went to see an off road trial in the Motor Parc Vallgorguina.

We had discussed with Josep (the coordinator) the possibility of signing our own car in, but after seeing that the mean model was extremely tuned for this circuit, we decided not to enter because of the high risk of damaging ours.

Yes!, he gave us a ride in his car to show us the circuit and it was a blast!

As planned, we stayed until 12: 30h and after we enjoyed watching as they climbed impossible landscapes, covering the car with mud while the bikers jumped around in the motorcross circuit, we began a short route 50 km from Santa Cristina d’Aro to Celrà.

We were unable to finish this route as halfway through we realised it was getting too late, so we turned to Calonge, where we arrived around 15h, just to eat at the first restaurant that Celicityshowed us down the route.

The restaurant is called Lajovita, on Highway Bisbal nº46, from Calonge. They are offering a very complete menu for €19. Upon entering, I told them I am celiac and the waitress kindly told me what I could eat.

I decided on snails and steak with pepper sauce, which initially said it would bring me no sauce, but afterwards came back to tell me that if I wanted, the chef could get a part sauce without flour. GREAT NEWS! I wish all restaurants were this flexible!.

Before we began, a different waiter brought us an appetizer of battered fish with flour. Only a few second went by and the waitress that had taken our original order came running and looking worried to tell me that I could not eat that. I told her, not to worry as we had not eaten anything yet. I was happy to have found a restaurant where they are so attentive (note to restaurants that do not already do so!).

For dessert, I chose fried milk with cinnamon ice cream. Delicious! When it was delivered, the waiter, a very nice gentleman told us the snail joke. I’ll keep it as a surprise: if you get to go, ask him to tell you the joke. It is really fun to see how it moves.

A highly recommendable experience!

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