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Today we open a new interview section with a very special entrepreneur: the founder and creator of Celikatessen, at the Gluten Free Fair BCN Gluten Free held last March in Barcelona, Spain.

Celikatessen arises from the personal need of its founder, Sergio del Rey, when he proposed himself to develop a quality product to meet his special nutritional needs.

“The most important thing is that at Celikatessen we only work with ecological raw material and always free from gluten and free from dairy. By request, we can also cater for other free froms, like sugar , sucrose , glucose, and even without eggs (we always have vegan options)”

Intolerant to gluten and dairy, he has been researching for years in confectionery and bakery prioritizing the selection of ingredients , freshness and quality of the final result . “My life had previously revolved around the world of saddler, the handicraft work with leather . So also the diligence and thoroughness is reflected in the style of the desserts, presentation and image of Celikatessen”.

Supported by the success of its products , in 2014 opened his workshop and store in the Pacific Market ( C / Valderribas , 30, Madrid) , from which he caters to individuals, restaurants and other establishments. He combines this work with giving workshops and hosting cooking shows.

We took the opportunity to ask a celiac as Sergio, what did he think of an initiative like Celicity, “we feel great about it, anyone with a food intolerance like me, needs to have a place where to find options to go to lunch, dinner or even purchase products without gluten “.

Do not forget to go to his website and social networks.

Thanks Sergio for giving us the interview and sharing with us delicious gluten-free cupcakes which charged us with energy for the BCN Gluten Free Fair!

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